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Hen Party

Are you going to get married? Or one of your best friend has take this big decision?
For sure, in both cases you thought about thousand of possibilities: a party in a club, an exclusive nightclub, a limousine ride, maybe even an elegant wellness centre.

If you want to organize a party that will be original and that the wife-to-be and the other guests will never forget, there’s only one choice: you should organize the hen party on a boat on the Como Lake.

Our boats are perfect to host a group of friend that want to enjoy themself with their favourite music, while they sunbathe or they swim or jump from the boat.

Birthday party

A boat is a location that your guests don’t expect!

Celebrating your birthday is always a special occasion, so the best way to do it is on board! It will be an unforgettable birthday on board on the Como Lake, in a breathtaking scenery.

Our boats are characterized by wide and modern spaces; on board there is an external and internal stereo that is perfect to listen your favourite music and to party.

Comacina Island - Sagra di San Giovanni

When: Saturday and Sunday of the week in which falls June 24 (St. John)

Minimum 4 hours

…During the course of the famous Ten years war the Comacina island became Milan’s ally in a struggle against Como.
In 1118 began the war, which ends in 1127 with the defeat of Como. After the defeat, Como rises from the ruins with the protection of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. In 1169 Como warriors with Barbarossa and the help of the 3 parish (Dongo, Gravedona, Sorico) invade the island. They destroyed its fortification, its castle and its churches. The fugitives who escape fled to Varenna.
In 1175 Barbarossa forbids the rebuilt of fortress, churches and houses. The island was excommunicated by the Bishop of Como Vidulfo: “ No more bells will play, nobody will put stone on stone, nobody will be the host, on pain of violent death”….

Even today every year we remember this tragic event on Saturday evening with a spectacular firework show and the symbolic burning of the island.


Soon married and want to celebrate on the magnificent Como lake?

This is what we can do to help you: we can bring you to the best locations to do your wedding or marriage shootings, we can bring you and your guests, the photographers or the relatives in the location of the reception or of the celebration, or you can explore the most beautiful villages of the Como lake during your honeymoon.

Our rates depart from a minimum of three hours.