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Also called Lario, Lake of glacial origin, occupies the cavity ‘hollowed out by Adda glacier and has a depth of about 416 meters. It is considered one of the deepest lakes in Europe. It was the Romans two thousand years ago to discover Lake Como and used it as one of their favorite retreats. It was on 49 BC Julius Caesar took Como and took about five thousand settlers gave the lake the name of LARIUS. Como became a strategic Roman military, where he started for the conquest of countries beyond the Alps

Lake Como, the lake of glacial origin in the form y inverted, protected by majestic mountains, is the third-largest Italian lake, after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, but offers a beautiful landscape and one of the tourist places most popular in the world.

A wonderful corner of Italy where you can spend quality holidays.
Lake, also called Lario, is known and known around the world for the many villas, palaces, churches but also because it offers the visitor the opportunity to practice any sport and see water (canoe-surfing sailing water skiing etc..) That mountain. The mountains surrounding the lake can be reached in a short time and offer quiet places to relax, go for long walks to admire the unspoiled nature.


Endurance 30 blu Murano is the new boat for 2018, exclusively made for Comolakeboats by the Cranchi boatyard. The boat, that can host comfortably up to 10 people, is equipped with everything for your relax without sacrificing performances. The boat, in fact, has a powerful Volvo Penta engine 300 HP.

Cranchi Endurance Blu Moon  is a model with a sporty character, but it offers a great comfort to its passengers (max 10): it has a comfortable and well equipped sundeck, with two sunbathing areas, spacious cockpit table for a drink or a lunch in the middle of the lake, a wide cabin with toilet and hot water for a shower. Cranchi Endurance Blu Moon is powered by a powerful Volvo Penta 300 hp engine that allows it to express its “racing” character, reaching remarkable performance always ensuring maximum comfort on board.